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Agency for Government House (AGH) is a government appointed agency for the management and administration of houses under the ownership of the government. The Agency rents out different types of houses to government offices, business as well as individuals for residence, office and business uses. These houses are rented out through lottery system; some are at auction to those who fulfill the criteria set and some others in foreign currency. The Agency invites interested and eligible bidders to bid for vacant houses every month. The Agency provides maintenance services to the rented houses. Tenants should know the maintenance procedures to acquire maintenance service from the agency on the rented houses.

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Written by Administrator   
እሮብ, 20 የካቲት 2013 08:32

By building execution capacity of the agency, providing facilitated service to the clients, protecting safety of houses, when there is deficiency of house, contributing to economic and social development of the country by constructing the houses to be utilized for governmental services and up scaling quality of existing houses.123

Last Updated on እሮብ, 05 ሰኔ 2013 17:32
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Written by Administrator   
እሮብ, 20 የካቲት 2013 08:43

  • We follow clear operational methods in order to provide service to clients (customers);
  • We make the operation methods of accountability;
  • We become effective in our services;
  • Our services are participatory of customers and stakeholders;
  • We strengthen service provision spirit of our agency;
  • We execute our services honestly;
  • Always we are ready for change.
Last Updated on እሮብ, 27 የካቲት 2013 18:16
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Written by Administrator   
ቅዳሜ, 07 ሐምሌ 2007 12:54

Viewing that the agency shall be effective housing administrative institution at 2012

Last Updated on እሮብ, 27 የካቲት 2013 18:15

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